As President, my job is to work ‘ON’ the business - not ‘IN’ it.
Karen Ponce, CEO of Shat-R-Shield

Align and Synchronize, While Managing Well

Pentagon-Meaningful Change

These are five elements to transforming existing organizations or building a new one. Entry can be from any point. However, since all areas depend on each other, to some degree or another, all will require attention.

We Balance our deep background of management, integration, and collaborative development towards improving the quality of your organization, in addition to the quality of your product/service.

Providing coaching, mentoring, analysis, and contextual knowledge to provide dynamic and meaningful change.

Scholar Practitioners

Not purveyors of tools

There is no ‘Cookbook’ to follow


Provide practical guidance, based on theory, for improving performance, product redesign, and application of a method for managing

Individual integrity, mutual trust and respect, humility, and intellectual honesty while encouraging openness to explore and learn

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