Function Analysis Systems Technique
A communication technique for accelerating common understanding by multi-functional teams.
Function Analysis challenges the assumptions most people make about how a product or service satisfies a need. Asking How and Why a function accomplishes the need. Only then can you begin to understand what is necessary to accomplish the function.

Function is the intent or purpose that the product, process or service is expected to perform in it's normal manner.
(Described using and active verb and a measurable noun).

Function is the end result desired by the customer ...
it is what the customer pays for!

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Creating a F.A.S.T. model is not quick - just the opposite.

However, a F.A.S.T. model is one of the most useful business model you will ever create.

The Secret
F.A.S.T. involves function analysis.
Function is the verb/noun description of the need or intent

Test your function definition
What is the function of a screwdriver?
If you said 'drive a screw' you have described the activity not the function.
An Activity is the action of the function
The function of a screw driver is to
The focus on Function or Intent works equally well for hardware as well as organizational situations.

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