Management Engineering

The science and artistry of creating the appropriate strategy, culture, processes, and values needed to produce organizations that serve a useful purpose and how to manage them well.

Leaders contact us because they want a stable company to support growth. An organization that is professionally managed with thoughtfully developed systems and processes, a disciplined & profit oriented approach, management that is beyond the spontaneous - reactive mentality, with clearly communicated objectives, expectations and accountability.

Articles for understanding 

Article: A Pragmatist’s View on Improving Organizations: What The Heck Is It With All These Improvement Approaches - Unpublished - Contribution Table

Article: Thinking In Community While Framing Your Project: Beyond Playing Nice
In2:InThinking Network’s April 2015 ‘On-Going Discussion’, June workshop & Presentation

ArticleImprovement Methodology Integration: A framework for comparing Six Sigma, Lean, and Theory of Constraints
(This article was picked up by
American Society for Quality, edited and published in Quality Progress)
(ASQs article was picked up by
Lean Enterprise Institute and added to their website)

Article: Improvement Triad: Processes, Products, and Management Practices
(This article was published in Value World)

Article: Performance, Excellence and the Trouble with Tools
(Highly edited article which appeared on Process Excellence Network)

Workshop Example

The SituationSummaryPhysical EnvironmentExisting Assembly LineExisting Line - OutputOperators Adapt to EnvironmentExperimental Line - Station 1Experimental Line - Station 2Experimental Line - Station 3Experimental Line - Station 4Experimental Line - Station 5Experimental Line - Pack OutAs ShippedStudies & AnalysisSome New IdeasNew Pack OutIdea DiscussionsRejected IdeaVideo Taped For EducationInexpensive TestsFinal Simulation - 1Final Simulation - 2Final Simulation - 3Final Simulation - 4Final Simulation - 5The Usual Suspects
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