Synthesis of Four Specialties

  • Appreciation for the interdependency of components
  • Understanding People - interactions with each other and society
  • What does variation tell us?
  • How do we know what we know?

The Four Elements are Inseparable

The Power Comes From The Interactions Between The Elements

Parable of the Red Beads

This live demonstration provides a powerful lesson of why traditional 'manage for results' does not produce the desired results. Doing your best, quotas, exhortations, threats as well as imposed work standards have no effects on outcome.

When is a process adjustment an improvement?

The Funnel Experiment is an interactive demonstration that any change without intimate knowledge of the process is tampering, and that tampering -- depending on intuition and common sense -- only makes things worse. We discuss the consequences of tampering and the manager's need for Profound Knowledge. The implications to business are startling.

Supply Chain Simulation (aka, Beer Game)

Dr. Deming said "without theory, there is no learning." To help us make sense of our experience in the world, we must be able to relate that experience to some coherent, explanatory story.

The Beer Distribution Game demonstrates a particular theory about dynamic system behavior. How the interaction of individual decisions impacts the ultimate output. The game also offers a good starting theory to develop further insights into the nature of our specific systems.

Faulty Practices

This seminar provides methods to understand the organizations we work in and produce a foundation for judging our decisions. Synthesized knowledge from four diverse fields of thought, for use by all types of enterprises:

How Is The Seminar Structured?

This seminar blends footage of Dr. Deming presenting his theories with participant exercises, discussions, and working groups.  Your task is to pull out the meaning of the principles and adapt them to their situation. Our task is to help translate the concepts to match your understanding, as well as contribute additional knowledge / perspective that you may find helpful.

My Deming history was that I had read a number of books who referenced Deming's work - never made the time to go to the source.
I found the videos to be extremely informative and the discussion was nothing short of eye-opening - both from a learning standpoint and also from the perspective that the subjects covered are like an onion - there is much more to learn.  My education to date amounts to nothing more than a "learners permit."
I also appreciated the opportunity to see Dave Nave lead this discussion group - Good Show Dave!

....Gerald I. Hartman, Boeing Phantom Works

Small working group activities, scattered throughout each day, provide ample opportunity to deepen understanding and clarify concepts

Some Topics covered

· The System of Profound Knowledge
· The Context for Improvement
· Distinctions Between Service and Industry
· The Organization as a System
· Customer and Supplier Involvement
· Cooperation as a Competitive Tool
· Optimization of Efforts
· Components of the New Philosophy
· Constancy of Purpose
· The Red Bead Exercise
· Faulty Practices; Better Practices
· Identification of the Real Issues
· 14 Obligation of Management
· The Role of Inspection
· Understanding Variation
· Process Analysis
· Leadership
· The Funnel Rules
· Learning and Organizational Change
· Sustaining Change
· Roles and Responsibilities
· Standards and Standardization

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