Workshop Plan

Value Management is a structured, step-by-step procedure for capturing opportunities and solving Planning, Process, Business and Engineering problems.

It is not a tool. … It is made-up of a Set Of Tools that complement common initiatives.

The process takes multi-disciplined representatives, molds them into a high performance team, and quickly (1 to 3 weeks) guides the team to resolute the issue at hand.


Pre - Study
Project Framework
- Concerns/Expectations
- Problem Definition
Separating Cause from Effect
- Project Goals
If Accomplished,
Will Resolve The Problem
- Attributes (Project Matrix)
Identify Market Driven Value
Added Characteristics
- Performance Profile
Baseline Current Performance
And Set Stretch Targets
- Constraints
Identify Perceptions
of Road Blocks
- Collect Knowledge
Project Review
Technology Review
- Develop Understanding
- Creative
Generate Ideas (Brainstorm)
- Evaluate
Clarify, Merge, and Purge Ideas
- Develop and Sell Innovations
Write Up Surviving Ideas
Develop Proposal(s)
- Presenation
To Workshop Sponsor(s)

Post - Study
- Implement
- Track Progress
- Celebrate Success

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