Process Improvement Events

A focused, rigorous and disciplined workshop activity that combines training, planning and implementation to make rapid, breakthrough improvement. During an improvement event, managers empower employees to make significant changes to work procedures, work rules, equipment and work flow.

Purpose of an Improvement Event
Provide a Breakthrough event where efforts are focused on identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs. The event provides examples of the effectiveness of working together, viewing and analyzing processes from a different perspective, many small changes make great difference, and the effect changes have on how to satisfy the customer's demands.

How Does an Improvement Event Work?
 - An area is selected
 - Detailed preplanning
 - All work together to implement improvements
 - Waste is identified and eliminated during the workshop
 - Little or no money is spent
 - A series of hits, not a home run

Why Would Your Area Need an Improvement Event?
 - Customer concerns; such as a high defect rate, excessive cycle time - A need for rapid improvement

Critical Success Factors
 - Not a cure-all --- requires follow-up as part of Process Management
 - People issues worked before and after event
 - Not as effective a tool if abbreviated
 - Requires additional communication effort 

Management Role
 - Commitment to allowing the improvement process to work
 - Select process for improvement and tools
 - Assist in preparing workshop objectives
 - Provide uninterrupted team member participation
 - Empower the team to make rapid changes
 - Provide follow-up at regular intervals to ensure gains are held and action items completed

Participants Role
 - Use facts and data to make decisions
 - Provide fresh ideas
 - Be aggressive in creating and implementing your visions
 - Don't say "We can't"
 - Be an active participant

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