Knowledge Engineering

Organizing for Value

A disciplined action system, a complete set of techniques, properly arranged, for the sole purpose of efficiently identifying unnecessary cost. Workshops deliver a focused PROPOSAL, by a TEAM, with a PLAN.

Separate INTENT from Method

 Value Management

Framing Your Project for Success

Does your team meetings turn into a clash between people who ‘know’ the problem, AND ‘have’ the solution?  With each person describing the conditions differently!

Set the project stage. We lead the team though a structured job plan.  A plan where everyone contributes, elements are determined, alternative solutions explored, and a plan for action is developed based on risk factors.

Project Framing Event Delivers

The business reason for the Project, Goals with definitions, Weighted Attributes, Performance Matrix, Map of functions with relationships


All created by your group, with agreement and 'buy-in'

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