Deming & Hope

For over 25 years I've heard many people try to describe what Dr. Deming gave the Japanese people after WWII. Most of what is explained is superficial (SPC - 6S/LEAN - 14-points - SoPK), or biased towards what is being peddled.

Recently, someone mentioned that what Dr. Deming really brought to the Japanese people was HOPE. (it was a passing comment at a business social event, I wish I was better at remembering more details)

Now, I've been rolling that idea around in my head. Since the original speaker did not elaborate, the idea has free range (insert empty head joke here!).

One thought, the 28 "Faulty Practices" (actually 32, but don't tell anyone) from The W. Edwards Deming Institute's 2-½ Day Seminar are obstacles to overcome. Once these questionable practices are adjusted, HOPE is strengthened (restored?).

A message of HOPE engages the individual. WISHING is a pipe dream, HOPE moves the soul.

Is this how to change the negativity of pointing out problems (which is most of the content of OoTC and TNE) and turn it around to an inspirational and uplifting message. Focus the message on HOPE, while talking about overcoming the obstacles.


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